College A :  Established in 1986, is today in Asia, Africa & Europe. Its robust and dynamic structure has helped develop and expand its strategic divisions of Education and Training, eLearning, Management and Human Resource Consulting, Publishing, Corporate Outsourcing, eBusiness and IT Services.  The college's vision is to be World-wide Premier Education and Training Provider, so in reaching their motto which is " Training Tomorrow's Professionals Today ", it provides excellent teaching, professional and entrepreneurial development,research and support services for their students.

The college international campuses, located in dynamic city centres,operate modern facilities to enhance students learning.Modern telecommunication facilities, including IT network,video-conferencing and Internet links, ensure that wherever and whenever a student chooses to study, the total support of the college is available.  At this college, the campus provides a "Total Learning Environment" to develop confidence and bring out the best in students, by providing the finest academic support and facilities in a vibrant City Centre.

With over 23 years of excellence in providing the best in education and training worldwide, the college creates the learning space that not only enhances the students' learning experience but also brings out the very best in them.  Through the Career Advisory Services, Student Counsellors guide students about the programmes and career prospects.  At this college, the outlearning environment provides:-

• Excellent academic support
• Excellent classroom facilities
• Excellent IT infrastructure
• Excellent student recreation facilities
• Excellent personal and professional development

The college focus on developing world-class standard education will ensure that its organization will always be a leader.


College B :  This is the college which is the  first and only institute of Higher Learning certified by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia offering the unique and highly sought after Diploma in Risk Management in Malaysia &; South East Asia. The college is part of Handal Group, which has decades of investigative, security and intelligence experience in the Asia Pacific region and is the only integrated business defense group in Malaysia.

The past decade has seen numerous global giants going bankrupt.In the west alone, more than 100 private banks have gone out of business in the recent past.Global giants like the Enron, Worldtel, Aldelphia, Tyco have disappeared from the economies in which they were active not too long ago.These are the companies which proved many management theories correct for a while and nonchalantly proved all of them wrong a little later.Some of them were glorified as harbingers of a new economic dawn which was fuelled by rampantly ameliorating liberalization and globalization worldwide did not prove to be harbingers but turned out just to be duress alarms.

The effects of the failed enterprises in their individual economies were varied in general and disastrous in particular.Matured investors became poorer probably wiser. New investors were out in a jiffy bringing down stakeholders’ confidence to a lowering nadir on a daily basis.The common man on the streets who had a layman’s knowledge of the complex mechanisms of the corporate world failed in his fervent endeavor to leverage on the learned man’s expertise.

The after-dynamics of the financial fiasco have left several trails, out of which the most significant one is restoring or rediscovering a well deserved position for “RISK MANAGEMENT” in business management and business management education.The urgent initiative that is to be taken is to reinforce risk management practices in Business management.Profiting in business is no big a challenge but to sustain profits in business for an extended period of time is a horrendous challenge.Ask the likes of the CEOs who fare in the Forbes list they will tell you.

The scenario in enterprises worldwide probably is the most challenging than ever before in the past. It is nothing but natural to credit risk management its due in academia or in corporate intelligentsia.There are only a handful of institutions in the world today who are heralding the cause of prudent risk management programs.This college is one such rare higher learning institution in Malaysia which runs a unique diploma in Risk Management program.Opportunities are galore in the private sector and more in store for the future.Those aspirants who want to be executive decision makers, who want to be in the thick of things in global enterprises, should have a close look at the golden avenues awaiting them around the corner

The college has formed a strategic partnership with the European Institute for Risk Management (EIRM)

The scope of partnership is :-

1. Education
2. Consultancy
3. Research

Risk Management is all about managing risks in a business environment. It is all about protecting an organization from threats both internal and external. The student qualifies himself or herself to be a employable prospect in almost any industry or cooperate be in private or public

The advantages studying in this college :-
  • Unique Programs
  • Industry related- relevant curriculum
  • Students get motivational guidance from the tutors here
  • Superior English language abilities
  • Concurrent Counselling for Constant improvement
  • Focused approach towards career advancement
  • Excellent & Friendly teaching faculty
Job Opportunities :
There are plenty of opportunities in both private and public sectors. The graduates can find themselves employed In Banks, Corporate Houses, Supply Chain, Logistics, General Administration. Risk Analysis, Training, Asset Management Bodies, IP Protection, Private Investigation, Audit Companies, Operations Executive, Financial Investment, Stock Analysis, Insurance Industry, Market Research, Risk Research, Credit Rating etc. They can also find employment in Armed Forces, Police, Customs, Immigration, JPJ, Public Service Department, Hospitality Industry, Brand Equity Researches etc.

The modules in this Diploma include Principles of Risk Management and Insurance; Principles of Security / Risk analysis; Operational risk management; Computer security; Principles of Investigations; Forensic Accounting; Principles of Management; Principles of Financial Management; Organizational Behavior; Mediation and counseling; Decision making and Problem Solving; Crisis Management; Quality Management; Human Resource Management; Introduction to Law and criminal Law; Principles of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice; Commercial Law; Criminal Procedure and Law of Evidence.